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Our Commitment

Competitive Pricing Always

Our customer can rest assured that, regardless of the complexity of their projects, our company will still ensure that their expenditure be nominal.
We give this assurance base on the fact that we can easily tap into the technical expertise offered to us by our long related principals. By so doing, we save on costly research, and in turn, our clients benefit from the competitive pricing.
However, complex cases requiring assistance from our counterparts are far and between. HB Glass & Aluminium Sdn Bhd. trusts that with the many years of experience behind us, we can confidently deliver as specified by our clients.


Quality You Can Trust

Intensive inspection is carried out once every piece of work has been completed. Conducted by top-notch personnel as well as members of our client's staff, this is to ensure that any factors that have been overlooked by our workmen do not go uncertified. HB Glass & Aluminium Sdn. Bhd. takes pride in our ability to deliver superior quality installations and design every project undertaken by us.


On-Time Delivery

Planning constitutes a major part in ensuring that any job is done within the proposed time-frame. To this effect, HB Glass & Aluminium Sdn. Bhd. has created a special department to take charge of scheduling projects. HB Glass & Aluminium Sdn. Bhd. is also proud to add that, we have a good track record of projects completed ahead schedule.


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